Avocado - See avocado to the hills: love without hope. Eat them: joy and happiness.
Ripe: Prosperity. Greens: setbacks. Lucky: Camel.

Arrange pineapple-loving. Luck: tigre.

Leave-abandonment is always evidence of a change of life. Leave something or someone: desire for change. Be abandoned (the): prosperity. Leave
addiction: reconciliations. Lucky: Ostrich.

Pain in the abdomen-abdomen: conquest of money. Married person with abdominal dream: unhappiness in love. Lucky. Ostrich.

Bee - A sign of prosperity. Be minced (a) by a bee: care with envy from colleagues. See them: profit. If a woman dreams being bitten in
face may indicate, pregnancy. Lucky: butterfly.

Abyss-See it: you have powerful opponents. Exit one: love recovered with difficulty.
Falling: careful, serious obstacles. The dream about, is abyss
always afraid of something. Lucky: bull.

Pumpkin - Inheritance next. Profits, unexpected. Lucky: pig.

Boredom - be annoying (the) by enemies: financial difficulties. Relatives who bore: unhappiness loving. Annoy someone: fortune
considerable. Lucky: pig.

Abortion - Notice to slide in life. Insecurity and danger in plans to commit wrongdoing. Lucky: cow.

Embrace - Embrace an unknown: news. Country: domestic peace. Husband or wife: Watch out for disagreements. Friend: Intrigue. Lucky: bear.

April Day-April 1: travel. Humbug old: loss of dear person. Humbug relative: good times ahead. Lucky: cow.

Open-Open doors and windows: chance to ENRICH. Open something: love novelty. Lucky: eagle.

Acacia - See them: indicates success. Feel your perfume: secret maneuvers of someone. Lucky: rabbit.

Caress - the child: Innocent pleasures. Young Person: Sensuality. Old Person: Consolation. Lucky: cat.

Camp - to be one: luck at home. Camping friends: successful in business. Lucky: lion.

Generally light act of lighting up the dream has something in connection with success and abundance. If your dream is loaded with some evil means
insecurity. Lucky: lion.

-If you find something valuable means obstacles in business; to the contrary, it is important change. Lucky: deer.

Accident - With yourself (the): inheritance. In the other: setbacks. If exhaust Iles (o): win obstacles. Lucky. elephant.

Acid - may be the subject of gossip and puzzled. Lucky: snake.

Steel - If he is brilliant: success. Hold it: security in their social position. Break it: victory in their ventures. Lucky: bear.

Adviser - Receiving advice: Watch out for false friends. Giving advice: friendship of many people. Lucky. rabbit.

Butchery - Good men. is only sign of disappointment if the butcher shop is empty, no meat or persons. Lucky: cow.

Sugar - You're safe (o) in its decisions. Lucky: dog.

Accusation - Accusing someone is always signal that we want to transfer responsibility. Be accused (the): intriguing. Lucky: Camel.

Worship - the God: peace of mind. Love the woman (man): Folly which will be punished (a). Anyone else: taking care of the party
Financial. Lucky: cow.

Adultery - Pleasures of short duration. The witness: affront to receive. Practice it: violent passion. Lucky: deer.

Lawyer - The dream is always related to current and future problems. Lucky: cat.

Godchild - Weddings near brother or son. Lucky: lion.

Drowning - See person Drowned: joy, triumph. Dive: small losses. Lucky: alligator.

Agony - If this is your own: good health and longevity. See dying woman: pregnancy or birth next. See the agony of another person: the relative
think of you. Lucky: Camel.

Assault - win or process will be vingada (o) of injustice suffered. Lucky: eagle.

Agriculture - Being a farmer: prosperity. Another person as a farmer: success will come by that effort at work. Lucky: cat.

Water - It is the symbol of life. When clear and clean indicates success and prosperity. Dirty and turbid water: problems that will need to win. Water
flooding house: change of domicile. Drinking water: you may have many enemies on Victorio.
Lucky: Ostrich or alligator.

Eagle - Flying: really hopes. This dream is always a warning to be careful in decisions. Lucky: targets the eagle and also in charge.

Needle - If sewing: someone can hurt your own love. KNITTING: Gossip and puzzled. Stick the needle line: completion of marriage. Lucky:

Kneel down - In the face of the man: Outrage. From a woman: love failure. See kneels people: can speak ill of you. Lucky: alligator.

Alcohol - Grief intimate and hassle. Lucky: turkey.

Alarm - Listening alarm: change of life. Give alarm: accelerate their plans in the professionals.

Fire alarm: bad news. Lucky: loreurbana.

Joy - Tranquility passing, if moderate joy. Excess of joy: bad news.
Lucky: horse.

Cripple - Someone Cripple; big disappointment. You'll be crippled (the): difficulties in business. Lucky: Camel.

Lettuce - The sign of good health. Heartbreak eat it. Lucky: Peacock.

Tailor - Talk: material damage. See it working: difficulties. Try clothes that he put: someone tries to help them
la (o). Lucky: monkey.

Pins - has slight Annoyance, offset by financial success. It may also mean little or contradictions between Heartbreak
Boyfriends. Lucky: snake

Handcuffs - sweet success. Lucky: horse. ,

Cotton - In raw: it does not. lack of resources. Fabric in cotton: Affection sincere, but of short duration. Cotton is usually related to
treason. Lucky: bear.

Garlic-Talk or disclosure of any secret. It is a sign that we need to rest.
Lucky: deer.

Alliance / Ring - If you're in a shop window: marriage next. Winning the (a): love match. Find: new loves. Give someone: in love
match. Lucky: snake.

Food - From good quality: happiness. Offer them to someone else: Reward. If not with good appearance may mean obstacles
as a family. Lucky: elephant.

Tate may indicate that we are attached (the) values to other materials. Lucky: elephant.

Altar-Being praying before uni altar: conduct regular: See an altar: happy marriage. I built it: family friend or follow the priesthood. Provoke the
lo: Misfortunes. Lucky: cat.

Rent - Should the rent: will be persecuted (the). Paying rent: Watch out for treacherous enemies. Lucky: goat.

Breastfeeding - For the woman is a sign of pregnancy next. See someone Breastfeed: happiness, their generosity will be rewarded. Lucky: goat.

Lover - This dream has meaning contrary: it is a passionate encounter or beautiful is a sign of discussions and problems. If a fight in
dream, one should expect good things. Lucky: cat.

Love - If you is he who loves: You can feel anguish. Being loved (the): satisfaction. If matched (the): you have rival. Lucky: cat.

Shackled - Being tied (the) barriers. Tie someone: embarrassment and loss of money. Lucky: snake.

Ambulance - News of people away. Lucky: Ostrich.

Threats - Strong gains new attraction and love. Lucky: bull.

Plum - Happiness. Eat plum: will have setbacks. Buy: quiet life. Sell: financial gain. Lucky: horse.

Amethyst - You receive this. Achieve brilliant position. Do not miss great opportunity to come about. Luck: tigre.

Buddy - joy or novelty with respect to the person seen in dream. Lucky: dog.

Love - revives old love in a dream: success in business with the opposite fri. Forbidden love: little secret. In general is related to frustration and
unrealized dreams. Lucky: cat.

Blackberries - Concerns, Annoyance or disgust. Maturity: violent passion. Lucky: elephant.

Amputation - You can lose the valuable friendship. Also has a relationship with our erotic life. Lucky: lion.

Amulet - An Amulet: care with envy. Use an Amulet: change of life. Buy one: marriage. Sell one: unhappiness. Lucky: cat.

Dwarf - the dwarf See: small hassle. Others: disturbances in health. Being persecuted (O) or holding onto (the) by a dwarf: valuable legacy. Lucky:

Floor - usually linked to progress and get lucky. Hustle: anxiety. Slowly: difficulties. Lucky: Ostrich.

Swallows fly-See them: stories of friends away. Kill them: obstacles. In nest: happiness. Lucky: Peacock.

Animals - calm: their most intimate Desires are met. Angry: is the victim of intriguing, but triumph. Lucky: bet on animals that appear in

Birthday - to be (the) own (the) aniversariante: good health. Celebrate the birthday of someone else: trouble. Lucky: Mutton.

Angel - Protection powerful and good news. Lucky: goat.

Delete - Delete a candle, the fire: difficult times will come. Lucky: lion.

Love it fall in love with someone who criticizes his conscience is a sign that he may commit errors and injustice. Otherwise it is a sign of luck and
conquest. Lucky: Camel.

Take - Take a fruit or object: seek promotion. take a person known: financial obstacles. Known: Misfortunes. Lucky:

From a dead-appearance that is relative, friend or friend: duty to fulfill. Examine the expression of the person, if painful: pray for her, if she is
smiling: You can ask him or for special protection. if the person who
her talk show: carefully store everything you say and follow their advice. Lucky: Ostrich.

Nickname - Tue nickname: money soon. Giving someone a nickname: get this. Lucky: monkey.

A high-stake gamble: uncertainties; low: gossip. Winning: solution to problem. Losing: achievements not deserved. See someone betting:
Desires. Lucky: Pursue the numbers we saw in the dream.

Learning - Learn something new at work: good luck. Other people who learn: difficulties. Lucky: lion.

Air - If pure: prosperity, for finding things lost, travel happy, win a case or something. Cold air: problems with friends. Air
Hot: Passions to his (the) punishment. Lucky: elephant.

Spider - Your success will depend on their effort. Be careful in dealing with women. Lucky: snake.

Arco-Iris - Improves spectacular in his life. Lucky: Peacock.

Beware of sand-lies. Lucky: pig.

Gun - Notice of caution in Friendships. Lucky: cat.

Trap - Being the target of traps: change of life. Prepare it for someone: enmities; to
animals or birds: Entry of money. Lucky:

Boot - loss of prestige or failure in love. Lucky: lion.

Rice - You are a prudent person in everything we do. Lucky: turkey.

Artist-Careful not to mislead people. Lucky: cat.

Tree - Success in business. Lucky: butterfly.

Tues-wing kites: improvement of situation. See was flying: ambition. Flying without wings: nervous breakdown or success, of short duration. See wings of birds: evacuate
maldosas or negative people. Lucky: butterfly.

Asylum - An asylum: you receive unexpected money. Being an asylum: luck. Other people in an asylum: find lost objects. Lucky: cow.

Assault - You must be focus (the) things from home. Lucky: cat.

Murder - The View: change of residence. To be (the) murder (the): quarrel in a family or close injustice. Lucky: cobra.Assinar-Signature is confirmation of conducting business or old dream. Lucky. cat.

Self willingness to travel or adventures. Will you have a car. The way to put it indicates that you are a disciplined person or
undisciplined. Lucky: deer.

Adventure-may be mistaken (the) fight and soon the person in whom you like. Concern for your environment or a person.
Lucky: bull.

Birds - Has financial benefits and receive money not expected. You can still be wonderful trip. Lucky: Peacock or a bird that appears in the dream.

Ostrich - significant and positive event related to money. Lucky: Ostrich.

Airplane-receive news from distant relative or friend. Airplane dropping: fear of accident or bad news. Lucky: eagle.

Grandmother (ô) - Sign of protection, since you feel it in your eyes or gesture (and) the certain Affection. Inheritance next. Lucky: rabbit.

Olives - gains or next pregnancy. Lucky: butterfly.

Ball - wish of His love will be really. Lucky: butterfly.

Baggage - Baggage high: loss of money. Take: receive money later. Losing luggage: fights in the family. Relatives with baggage:
Commercial caution. Lucky: alligator.

Balance - the balance See: unfounded suspicions. Use it: it will be called (a) to testify in court proceedings. Lucky: goat.

Whale - You receive unexpected help. Lucky: alligator.

Banana - Ripe: loving happiness. Green: envy. Lucky: monkey.

Bank - You may receive important visit if the Bank of square. Interesting proposal if the bank (bench) to work. Deposit or withdraw
money in the bank: care with losses. Lucky: deer.

Flag - the Load: honors. The flag on the move: concern for the family. Several flags: triumph over enemies. Lucky:

Flag - Being attacked (the): fortune assured. If you can beat him: triumphs. Failing to: losses. More than a bad guy: you are being
envied (the). Lucky: cat.

Bath - Jealousy or desire to get rid of something old or dirty. Lucky: alligator.

Banquet - to be a feast: the pleasures cost dearly. Strangers in the banquet: abundant resources. Lucky: eagle.

Bar - You lose your time with unimportant things. Lucky: horse.

Deck - play: it will make someone a totally unexpected revelation. DECK with the dream indicates that you should try your luck. Lucky. cock.

Cheap - Nerve damage or snake next. Lucky: bear.

Barba-Field on people that (the) fence. Black beard and long: security in business. Redhead: excessive ambition. White or
blonde: marry person of great qualities. Lucky: Mutton.

Boat - Moment difficult to pass. Crossing the river by boat: joy and prosperity if the weather is nice. Boat Berth: Entry of money.
In high seas: caution. The boat may indicate change in the way of life. Luck: tigre.

His own belly-belly: health. Cramps: disruptions in business. Belly swollen or large: increased luck. Belly of pregnancy:
ripening. See belly of another person: Intrigue. Lucky: rabbit.

Barro - Tread: good health. Being dirty (o) of clay: difficulties. Generally, this dream shows that you are complying with those things too easy. Lucky:

Noise - disturbances and obstacles. Lucky: dog.

Beat - Knocking on someone: embarrassment. Fall animal or object: anger, dissatisfaction. Crash the car: Intrigue. Lucky: Donkey.

Beat-By car: be more cautious in all sectors, it runs the risk of accident, either by car even, accident commercial, financial or
sweet. Lucky: cow.

Baptism - Watch the Baptized: luck in The Game for 8 days. Be Baptized (the): overcome difficulties. Lucky: Ostrich.

Lipstick - Wear lipstick: you are surrounded (the) by false friends. Other people wearing lipstick: professional betrayal. Buy lipstick: frivolity.
Man with lipstick on the lips: marital problem. Lucky: bull.

Chest - An empty box: travel. Full: canceled plans. Chest of another person: around distant relative. Trunk itself: desire achieved. Lucky: bear.

Drunk - Get away from bad company. Change their acts and win. Lucky: Peru.

Babies - Happiness. Being a baby: you are loved (the) Madly. Lucky: cat.

Drinking glass of crystal-In: Curing the disease, well-being. Drinking wine: energy. Water: peace of mind. Alcohol: hopes misleading. Milk: hassle
passengers. In general it is a dream very connected and intimate secrets and Desires. Lucky:

Beija-Flor - Success in the fast life. Lucky: snake.

Kiss - Kiss given or received: increase of Affection. See if people kissing: love unreported.
Kiss on the side: sweet success. In the mouth: you
unwise. Kiss the dead: no comment on its plans. Lucky: snake.

Beauty - See beautiful things: high and noble spirit. See beautiful people: love justified. View is beautiful (the): Success in love. Lucky: cat.

Benzer - Benzer someone: delicate health for this person. Being blessed (the): profits. Lucky: elephant.

Cot - If you are empty: GRIEF passengers. With a baby: in family discussions. With two or many babies: wait pregnancy as a family. If the room
is dark is a sign of future problems. Luck: tigre.

Beetle - problems with people unable. Lucky: butterfly.

Calf - Sign of abundance. The same dream that with livestock. Lucky: bull or cow.
Bible - Read the Bible: once problems arise from family. Another reading the Bible:, happiness. Lucky: cow.

Bicycle Tours-friendly. Lucky: Ostrich.

Bugs - Furiosos: will be attacked (the) but triumph. Calm: your wishes will be met. Lucky: bet that appear in the dream.

Bigamy-Committing bigamy: loving happiness. Bigamy is (the): good marital life. Bigamy is not (the): a lot of money. Lucky: dog.

Mustache - Use Mustache: independent person. Being with the Mustache Scraping: Vanity. If a woman has a dream that Mustache: friction with her husband. Small
Mustache: shyness. Lucky: dog.

Ticket - Good times to (the) expect. Receiving the ticket: JOYS in love. Mandar the ticket, avoid fights. Lottery ticket: luck in The Game. Lucky.

Beam - Bonita follow the advice it received. Closed: caution. The mouth is also a strong sexual symbol. Lucky: snake.

Bode - Link outrageous, erotic madness. Lucky: goat.

Slap - Taking a slap: Bad company. Giving a slap: success in loving relationships. Esbofeteando person is: good business.
Lucky: lion.

Beef - Abundance, in general. Grazing: happy omen. Gordo: security. Bones: setbacks. Mugindo or angry: marital discussion. See ox
dead: your enemies can not beat them (this). Lucky: bull.

Cake - Proceed with your plans a secret. Cake is ugly sign of obstacles. Lucky: lion.

Purse-Closed: secrets. Empty: Entry of money. Full: everything it runs fine. Lucky. lion.

Bomb - The bomb: bad news. Being injured (a) by the bomb: setbacks on the road. Lucky: Taurus.

Firefighters only the firefighter-See: See you overcome difficulties ERASING fire: pass by financial crisis. If he Fell into the flames: Intrigue. Dreaming that
whether it be the wildest without the reality: you hide something. Lucky: lion.

Doll - Fortuna and joy, luck: rabbit.

Butterfly - Tendency to unimportant things. Lucky: butterfly.

Woods - Confidence in the future, intimate satisfaction. The woods can tell us about the danger part erotic / sexual. Lucky. snake.

Arm - Vanity. Work rewarded. Luck: tigre.

Embers - Entry of unexpected money. Lucky: lion.

Fights - estrangement. Lucky: loreurbana.

Do not believe demais Earring-in pledge. Lucky: butterfly.

Toys - Small pleasures and deceptive appearance. Lucky: loreurbana.

Witch - Fear of certain people too. Lucky: elephant.

Bouquet - A bouquet: luck in business. Give a bouquet: constant loving relationship. Receiving the
bouquet: very happy in life. Play the bouquet:
separation. Lucky: butterfly.

Hole - You can take impensada decision. Exit hole is a sign of success is short.
Lucky: snake.

Donkey - Black: purple. White: enter (Ia of money. Brown: boredom. Generally pursuit of this dream is more, without reasonable cause. Lucky:
donkey or horse.

Playing the horn-horn: unexpected news. Blowing the horn: fight with friend. People playing car horn luck in finances. Lucky:

See the head-head butchered: solve serious problem. Who dream that is cutting the head of someone is overcoming great difficulties.
See the head of an animal cut: prosperity. In general, is a sign of Liberation and independence. Lucky: dog.

Hair - Beautiful or abundant: success with the opposite fri. Disheveled or short: disappointments. Losing hair: problems with health or relutarão
Cut them: worries about money. Blond hair: memories. Brown: energy and good health. Auburn: jealousy and whims. White: eternal love. Gray: urn birth of a child.
Lucky: horse.

Goat - See one or more goats: good profits with inheritance. Buy a goat: care with envious. Sell the goat: engagement or marriage.
Lucky: goat.

Hunt - hunting with friends: big dreams. Hunt alone: losses. Hunt animals: win difficulties. Lucky: rabbit.

Pipe - Smoking a pipe passing tranquility. Breaking the pipe: boredom. View it is a sign of plenty fast. Lucky: snake.

Dog - sincere and Selfless Affection. If the dog has a friendly attitude towards you wait JOYS. If you're on your tracking: discussions.
Taking a bite: treason. Lucky: dog.

Cadaver - Satisfaction of hidden desire. Lucky: rabbit.

Chain - You can lose a great friendship. Being stuck (the) in the chain: you're not being understood (the). Lucky: lion.

Café'é - Success in your business. Boldness or intrigue, and bias. Lucky: elephant.

Cramps - Tue: negative outbursts. Other people with cramps: professional concern. Lucky: Camel.

Falling - Beware of quick decisions too. Fall from a roof, air or mountain: his plans may fail. In a well: Despair. Lucky: monkey or

Cash - Have a box: ending project. Open the box: long journey. An empty box: the plans will be Disrupted. Lucky: deer.
Coffin (Deceased) - Empty: financial losses. With someone: satisfaction of desire hidden. Lucky: rabbit.

Heat - Feeling heat: disease next. Lucky: cat.

Corns - Entry of money unexpected. Lucky. monkey.

Baldness - A sign of that will have to work harder to get what they want. Lucky: lion.

Bed-Empty: obstacles in love. Somebody in bed: what's new with this person. If you're in bed: triumphs. Lucky: cat.

Shrimp - Beware of easy women. Lucky: alligator.

Camel - Do not confused patience with intelligence. If he is running is a sign of return of persona non grata. Lucky: Camel.

Truck - Being in a truck: correct its ways in love. The truck on the road: marriage. Friends in the truck: event
important. Lucky: cat.

Path-Way challenge: security. Tortuous: concern. Find your way: everything is solved. Reencontrá not it: you lack discipline.
This dream is always synonymous with abandonment and concerns. Lucky: dog.

Jersey-making: financial problems. Jersey of the opposite Fri: marriage soon. In general is related to the intimate life. Lucky: loreurbana.

Champion - Be a champion: good financial gain. Multiple champions: control over the personal attitudes. Lucky: horse.

Field - Depending on the situation could mean disappointment, abandonment, Misfortunes, hopes or miss the nature and the simple life. Lucky:

Canary - Conducting a secret desire linked to love. Lucky: eagle.

Cancer - Is money soon. Other people with cancer, avoid gossip. Lucky: Camel.

Pen - Person friend can let them (this). Lucky: snake.

Knife - If you receive it: it may be mistaken (the). Giving one: breaking with someone. Only see the knife: new passion. Lucky: loreurbana.

Success in sing-ventures. Lucky: loreurbana.

Crab - Someone wants to draw something from you. Lucky: bear.

Caress - Given or changed: Affection match, it benefits thank. Made by young women: pleasure followed by sorrow. Caress
someone: happiness. Be scratched (the) per child: happiness. Lucky: Peacock.

Carnival - Joy followed by regret and disappointment. You may be circumvented (o). Lucky: eagle.

Meat - beef See: Intrigue. Eating cooked meat: ingenuity. Raw: pleasures. Beef with bad thing: trouble. Generally means that your
Desires are satisfied. Lucky: cow.

Lamb - Prosperity and fortune fast. Lucky: Mutton.

Tick - Uncovering the secret of next person. Lucky: eagle.

Car - a walking See: prosperity. Freeze: financial difficulties. Cab: change in marital status. Lucky: deer.

Letter - Get it: you may have concerns. Write it: find great friend. Tear it: peace loving. Lucky: deer.

Portfolio - Beware of financial loss. Lucky: cat.

Postman - The postman: good news. Being a postman: financial losses. Receive letter from the hands of the postman: happiness. Lucky: Camel.

Fortune-Teller - Fact new modify the execution of an old dream. Lucky: cat.

Home-beautiful house: you're good in all directions. Ugly: intimate care problems. The
state of the house has great relationship with the state of
spirit or health of those who dream. Lucky: dog.

Weddings - Being dissatisfied with their current situation, if married (the), or the Expectation, positive or negative to marry. Lucky: butterfly.

Chestnuts - Visit by good people, lasting passion. Lucky: alligator.

Castle - The castle: Visit of friends. Enter the castle: great passion. Living in a castle: a proposal of marriage. See the castle: changes in
life. Lucky: eagle.

Penalty - be punished (the): You are very demanding of herself (a), Castigar someone: profit and advantage. Lucky: dog.

Cataract - With clean water: happiness at home. Cataracts of dirty water: waste of money. Lucky: loreurbana.

Horse-horse calm: sexual life in order. Amazed: abnormality in intimate life. Fall of horse financial losses. Snick means that
someone important to know, life. Lucky: horse.

Skull - the skull See: discovery of secrecy. The skull of an unknown: luck and prosperity. Lucky: monkey.

Onion - is difficult, but will have great success and Victorio. Lucky: pig.

Blind-A sign of that should take care of business bad luck: monkey.

Stork - Change of residence or prosperity. Lucky: snake.

Cemetery - If the weather is good: joy and protection of the environment either. With rain or darkness: sad Remembrance. Lucky: Mutton.

Carrot - which means their health, is in need of special care. Lucky: rabbit.

Cherry-Adventure pleasant, but short-lived. Eat cherries: love misleading. Spoon cherries: joy. Lucky: Mutton.

Cherry - Meeting with friends, pleasures. Cold beer: connection with selfish person. Hot: Gossip. Lucky: Mutton.

The basket basket-full: commercial success. Empty: loss of money. Basket of another person: an increase of people in the family. Lucky: rabbit.

Sky - Blue: life calm, tranquility. Stirred: hassle in sight. Star: hope. This dream can mean a lot of insecurity. Lucky:

Tea - Make tea: increase in the family. Drinking tea: suffer with disagreements. Lucky: Camel.

Ground - have extended the ground: Humility. See someone extended on the floor: possibility of the death of friend. Lucky: snake.

Hat - Miss dream that is using the man's hat: soon fall in love. This dream often reveals what is hiding something
thing, or secret project. Lucky: Donkey.

Key - Fortuna and success. The woman you trust the key: win his love or its secrets. Find words: assignation. Lucky: pig.

Smell - Feeling bad smell: loss of Friendships with neighbors. Feeling bad smell in the air: it will be wrong (the) by friends. Feeling perfume: prostitution.
Lucky: pig.

Horn - Danger imminent. Use it: you're being cheated (o). You see it in person or animal: his pride and (the) lead to risky business. Lucky: bull
or deer.

Chocolate - Watch it: black person lover. Eat it: sign of marriage and success. Lucky: elephant.

I want to cry-made soon. Lucky: Mutton.

Suck - insecurity and hidden desire. Lucky: alligator.

Rain, Rain fine: Slow success. From storm: profit and order to their problems. Sun and rain: great triumph. Lucky: turkey.

Scar - will be hurt (the) in your own love. If you place her into someone: problem with cheating. Have a: illness of a relative. Lucky: rabbit.

City - Dreaming of your own city: Loyal friends you have. Unknown: loneliness. Bonita: good signal. In flames, sad or ugly: s
recognized (the) for his work and dedication. Lucky: Donkey.

Gypsy - The gypsy: curling with the ideas. The gypsy fortune to read: Unhappy marriage. Lucky: cow.

Cicada - insouciance. I heard her sing: more attention to their health. Lucky: butterfly.

Cigarette - Lit: will have demonstrations of that is well respected (o). Off: barriers in society. Lucky: snake.

Ash - Loss of property. Ash from a relative: money that is ahead: Lucky: Ostrich.

You're confusing circus-(o), looking for an exit out of the ordinary. Lucky: lion.

Surgery - You will need to fix something wrong to get better results. Lucky: horse.

Jealousy - Indicates that everything be resolved in love. Lucky: Ostrich.

Cobra - Snake in your bed: love relationships with unfaithful person. Killing one: victory over people who came atrapalhando their success. Take a snake:
respect their intuitions. Being persecuted (the) it: achieve victory deemed impossible. The color of the snake is also important. Cobra green: No one to (the) damage. Blue: great spiritual energy. Brown: Sexual Desires. Red: violent passion. Black: caught. Black and yellow: suspicious of someone untrue. Black and red: violence. If the snake appears with refined colors like sky blue or TURQUOISE, is a sign of love mechanics. Lucky: snake, dog or monkey.

Recovery - Receive recovery: financial success. Charge: Watch out for years. Lucky: Donkey.

Rabbit - See you kidding: fear unjustified. White: small profits. rectum: disappointment. Gray: meeting which lacking. Lucky: rabbit.

Safe - Difficulties in finding out some secrets. Lucky: goat.

Paste - For women: marriage next. For men: domestic estrangement. Lucky: goat.

Eating - Down: care with treachery. Eating meat: Energy, bread, long life. Finos dishes: wealth. Do not eat: health deserves attention. If
the food did not make good sense, is a sign of problems. Lucky: lion.

Food - Happiness, happiness, well-being. Lucky: Mutton.

Shopping - If an illegal purchase: estrangement. In general, buying is a sign you spend money on something questionable. Lucky: Camel.

Construction - In progress: you're next (to) from major victory. Abandoned or stop: care with adversity. Demolish is to build
sign that I would like to repeat something. Lucky: pig.

Count - Count money, objects: you are a little sentimental person. Tell jokes, stories: you are proud (o). Lucky: aims to bet on numbers
in the dream.

Smuggling - Danger about a secret entrusted. Society in smuggling: problems disappear. Lucky: cat.

Chatting - If with friend: missing her Affection and attention. With unknown: you will be rewarded (the) for something. With God: great
joy. Lucky: dog.

Glass-Filled: fortune. Blank: not yet reached the expected. Break it: will take great satisfaction in the near future. Lucky: turkey.

Heart - And sign of unrest, but has no relationship with the agency, although it is a warning not to abuse their health. Lucky: rooster.

Colors - Colors clear and happy: happy events; dark: hurt and upset. White: innocence and purity. Yellow: wisdom,
generosity. Blue-clear: fortune, dark: adversity. Black: obstacles. Red: excesses, passion. Gray: setbacks at home. Rosa: protect. dear person. Gold: You would like to be surprised (this). Orange: not approve of attitude friend. Lilac: can overcome defects. Brown: fights in excess of authority. Silver: wedding next win or just cause. Purple: final decision and very lucky. Green: confidence in life. Lucky: ostrich.

Body - If you see one's own body: well-being and safety. Body of another person or animal: concerns. Body in perfect condition: wealth. Poor
or monstrous: dishonor. Lucky: cat.

Current - From iron: wretched marriage. Of silver, gold or flowers: lemon happy. Use it: setbacks. Match or rusty: disruption. Lucky: elephant.

Owl-Desconfiam of you. Lucky: eagle.

Cormorants See them: indicates imminent danger. Anybody want to take possession of their property. The crow is related to theft, suspicious people. Shoo them or
kill them: danger away. But the crow can also mean purification, improvement of family environment or jobs. Lucky: ostrich.

Kitchen-win fortune and can do much success. Cook (the): unforeseen expenses. Lucky: eagle.

Carnation - White: great happiness. Yellow: jealousy in love. Red: passion burning. Lucky: rabbit.

Growing - Dreaming that it grows: rewards. Lucky: camel.

Child - Beautiful and healthy: happiness, success. Sick or ugly: disappointment, intimate problems. Dreaming that it is child: you are in conflict, wanting
start all over again. Lucky: ostrich.

Crime - commit or witness a crime: care with scandals and disagreements. Luck: tigre.

Chrysanthemum - Fidelity eternal, memories. Lucky: alligator.

Crocodile - Beware of snake handling. Lucky: alligator.

Cruz - Grief and undeserved suffering. Crucifix: important meeting. Lucky: cow.

Data - playing with data: the luck will change soon. Winning in the data you receive an inheritance. Other
people playing: has abundant resources. Lucky:

Dance - Being dancing is synonymous with wealth and inner tranquility. See someone dancing: need to entertain. Lucky: butterfly.

Finger - Burn or lose fingers: agitation. Hurt him: lower profits. See more than five fingers on the hand or the foot: inheritance. It is also sex symbol.
Lucky: alligator.

Defender - Someone: provide a service and thank him. Fend someone: Do not worry, because its virtues will triumph after considerable
threats. Lucky: goat.

Pour - See is lying (the) alone (the) problems, grief. Lying down (the) next to the person of the opposite sex: consolation. With someone of the same sex:
setbacks. Husband lying with his wife and vice versa: happiness. Lucky: monkey.

Resignation - Delivering his own resignation: esteem at work. Other people handed his resignation: improvement in the near future. Lucky: bull.

Fiend - If you beat him or get rid of it: achieve great success. If you can not: problems and difficulties. Lucky: snake.

Teeth - Beautiful and healthy: prosperity. Ugly: difficulties and loss of money. Toothache: financial embarrassment. Toothache for man
may mean weakening sex. For a woman: loving frustration. Lucky: elephant.

Dentist - See it: concern. Being treated with it: can escape from problems. Lucky: elephant.

Disasters - If you're concerned (the) in the disaster is a sign of good health. A witness: Watch out for problems. Lucky: dog.

Disappear - will be stolen (the). Friends who disappear: illness in the family. Objects that disappear: big profits. Lucky: alligator.

Down - Careful with their decisions. Lucky: monkey.

Unknown - Unknown Person: happiness at home. Embrace unknown person: wait for a trip. Lucky: snake.

Like - have a wish: receive bad news. Something like: plenty. Receiving a wish: dishonor. Lucky: dog.

Desert - Danger of breaking sweet. It may be that loyal friends to (the) socorrerão in trouble. Lucky: camel.

Misfortune - Falling in disgrace: good friendships. Other people in trouble: care with envious. Relatives in disgrace: heavy lifting ahead.
Lucky: bull.

Dishonest - Being dishonest (the): signature of documents. Other people being dishonest: it is surrounded (the) people of evil. Lucky: monkey.

Farewell - It is always a sign of change of life. Lucky: ostrich.

Undress - Being naked (the): gossip that can cause sadness. Undress: loving happiness. Known naked: receive visits from relatives in
soon. Lucky: turkey.

God - Pray to God: consolation. Being blessed (the): prosperity. Talk to Him: joy. Be threatened (the) from Him: his fears are unjustified.
Lucky: mutton.

Day - a day clear and beautiful is a sign of great stories. If your dream in the day were dark, rainy, with winds or simply sad is evidence
changes in his life. Lucky: donkey.

Devil - The devil: travel and prosperity. Chat with the devil: is tapeada (the) by friends. Fight with the devil: financial distress. See the devil
praying: resist the temptation in love. Lucky: dog.

Diamond - ambitions held by means not always very honest. It may be a sign of inferiority complex. Lucky: peacock.

Difficulty - Being in difficulty: changes in the workplace. Relatives in distress: happiness assured. Lucky: cow.

Deluge - a deluge: bad luck in love issues. House lost in a deluge: happiness and prosperity. Lucky: elephant.

Money - find it boredom with finances. Lose it: luck, entry of money. See money: you will not receive the amount that is its due. Lucky:

Talk - Worried that someone is committing injustice. Lucky: rooster.

Debt - happiness and success with the opposite sex. Lucky: eagle.

Divorce - is not always related to fights and separations and generally indicates narrowing of relationships and family harmony. Lucky: snake.

Sweets - Beware of turnaround in his life. Lucky: dog.

Documents - Subscribe: success. Read: care with envious. Lucky: monkey.

Disease - evidence of good health. See patients: hassles, sorrows and setbacks. Lucky: monkey.

Pain - This dream is a warning to intrigue. Lucky: monkey.

Sleep - dreaming that sleeps: signs of physical fatigue. See someone sleeping: you are being forgotten (o). Lucky: donkey.

Dragon - feeling a lot of difficulties to come closer to the one you love. Luck: tigre.

Drugs - Are you living with someone dishonest. Lucky: turkey.

Duende - A surprise or something very good is about to happen. Lucky: alligator and donkey.
Eco-may be the victim of slander. Lucky: ostrich.

Elephant - For the woman is a sign that it will be a rich man softens, affectionate and impetuous. If they pull you in the trunk, means of affection
important person. This dream is always a sign of intelligence and wisdom. Lucky: elephant.

Election - Winning an election: Watch out for false friends. Helping an election: realization of old plans. Friends being elected:
important events in love. Lucky: butterfly.

Elevator - climbing: favorable change of situation. Down: seek fortune through hard work. Wake empty: disappointments. Full of
people: profits. Lucky: cat.

Praise - Receiving a compliment: seeking pleasure or ridicule them (o). Add a compliment: receive reward. Lucky: horse.

Lose - live wonderful moments in love. Taking medicine to lose weight: you receive a gift. Other people emaciate: loneliness.
Lucky: goat.

Wrap - Receiving a package: there is someone that (the) love him very much. Open a wrap: lasting marriage. Upload a wrap: disappointment.
Lucky: deer.

Employment - Are you a spirit (this). Lucky: donkey.

Flood - Increase in assets. If there is flooding: signal not to become a slave (that) of his passions. See also water. Lucky: alligator.

Crossroads - You will have to take decision between two proposals to two roads. Lucky: eagle.

Finding an address Address: having great luck in business. Writing an address: sign of caution in love. Lucky: rooster.

Decorations - want to please someone. Lucky: peacock.
Nurse (o) - Good luck in games and plenty of money. Lucky ostrich.

Hang - anguish and financial obstacles. Lucky: rooster.

Deception - Committing a mistake, avoid the presumption. Be mistaken (the): East better business. Lucky: lion.

Disgust - Stay disgusted (o): new friendships. Other people disgust: misery. Lucky: donkey.

Burial - Watch the funeral of an acquaintance: treason. Unknown: good news. Watch the actual burial: luck in the game for 3 days. Bury
something is a sign of distrust in the near or intention to hide negative impulses. Lucky: cat.

Herbs - The smell of herbs and plants that indicate strong secrets will be discovered soon. Lucky: deer.

Escada - Everything will come out well, if you got her, drops her: hassles. The ladder indicates insecurity about their own success. Lucky: rooster.

School-Difficulty in deciding on his own life. Lucky: turkey.

Scorpio - careful of treachery. Lucky: alligator.

Writing - Letter: return of dear person. Documents: lucrative business. The color of the paper and the writing is very important. See Colors.
Lucky: turkey.

Darkness - trouble on his own fault. Lucky: monkey.

Alms - Giving alms: next great joy and inner peace. Begging: receive benefits. Lucky: cat.

Sword - Large honors. Use sword: good friendships. Injure someone with sword: setbacks in love. Lucky: goat.

Mirror - Broken: estrangement. include the following: vanity or marriage. Lucky: peacock.

Bones - represents wealth. Squeeze bones: large amount of money. Lucky: butterfly.

Thorns - Grief unexpected. Could mean for women, fear of sexual violence. Lucky: goat.

Spirits - Referral them: follow your intuition. Call them: are you from forgetting something important. Lucky: camel or elephant.

Spouse - Fear that some of their secret will be discovered. Lucky: deer.

Station - may indicate travel or separation. Wait a person is unnecessarily painful sign of breaking. Lucky: dog.

Stomach - inconvenience or distress for having made commitments in excess of their capacity. Lucky: elephant.

Estrada - If the day: happiness. Tonight: pursuit of higher or rival. Lucky: horse.

Alien - You are a person committed and seeking solutions to their problems with people and places wrong. Lucky: snake.

Strange - indecision and insecurity. Lucky: snake.

Stars - Prosperity if shining; problems are hidden. Lucky: butterfly.

Rape - A victim of rape: false friends. See someone being raped: friendship in serious difficulty. Rape someone: you're being unfair (o).
Lucky: monkey.

Explosion - turnaround in his life for the better. New hopes. Lucky: deer

Knife - Find a:'ll see that person was rejected. Facadas: breaking with caution among friends. See her: discussion. Be careful with your impulses
violent. Lucky: rooster.

Faces - Fine sides: good health. Faces pale: needs an incentive at work. Lucky: butterfly.

Speaking - Talking alone (the) concerns. With someone: confidences. With several people: intrigue.
With children: birth of baby. With older:
failure. Lucky: mutton.

Falsehood - Persons false: has setbacks at home. Be false (the): long life. Lucky: snake.

Family - Lucky in the game for 3 days. If you fight or discussion, is a sign of problems with inheritance. Lucky: ostrich.

Famous - Be famous (the): financial losses and changes. Other famous people: sadness is about to arrive. Lucky: eagle.

Fantasy - enjoy many pleasures. Women dreaming of fantasies: love another person.
Man dreaming of fantasies: loss of money.
Lucky: butterfly.

Phantom - Bad news and risk of loss in business ventures or uncertain. Lucky: donkey.

Fever - Torture concerning a case of money, health or love, against which their will is powerless. Lucky: goat.

Lock - a lock Open: the happiness is assured. Have keys in a lock: difficulties. Lucky: rabbit.

Beans - eat it: criticism. Pick them: intimacies. White bean: resentment. Black: will consolidate (the). Green: misconduct. Lucky: mutton.

Ugly - Be ugly (a): long life. Other people ugly: tapeada will be (the) by friends. Lucky: horse.

Sorcery - Add a spell: sweet misery in the industry. Receive a spell: setbacks with money. Lucky: lion.

Injury - be wound (the) per animal: the evil adversary. For bull: jealousy of danger emulous (o). Wound in the heart may indicate passion or
suffering love. Lucky: pig.

Buy iron-fero: stories of distant relatives. Sell iron: the money will come easily. Iron: happiness in love. Lucky alligator.

Feast - When is agitated: his plans are not performing well. Calm: you will have to decide on an interesting proposal. If most of the guests is
Strange, is a sign of concern. If you know almost everyone: calm down the judge determined person. Lucky: cow.

Feces - always means luck in the game and in business. Lucky: butterfly.

-Fresh Figs: success and happiness. Dry: problems. Lucky: eagle.

Children - married with child: romance. Dreaming that you have children without them: disappointment in love relationships. Daughter (the) beautiful (the) present. In general,
is excessive concern with children. Lucky: rabbit.

Fleur-de-Lis - Purity, gullibility and vanity. Lucky: eagle.

Flowers - Anybody think of you with affection and tenderness. The orchid show relationships with rich and proud person. See also colors. Lucky: peacock

Fireworks - Of course, normal: success, health and abundance. Fire low or weak: rumors. It may also be willing to settle with things past. Lucky:

Hunger - This dream can be a sign of anxiety and expectation with respect to something new. It's generally a good dream, showing success in
future ventures. Lucky: mutton.

Ant - Abundance on prosecution or their insufficient generation. Destroying ants: It will do away with their concerns: Lucky elephant.

Match - Look it up or switch it: what you can. Unable to switch it: serious obstacles. See him off: intrigue. Lucky: lion.

Photography - Take one: new love. Shred or burn: fights or discussions. A surprising: achieve great victory. Give or take a picture: love
match. Lucky: horse.

Fruit - Fine fruit: love relationships and forbidden pleasure. Ugly or rotten: discontent. Green: envy. Lucky: rabbit.

Flee - Escape in dreams is to try to break the problem in real life. Lucky: deer.

Smoking - Smoking pipe: satisfaction. Cigarettes: you are respected (o). Generally, those dreams is that smoking has hidden desires and pleasures.
Lucky: snake.

Livestock - Sign of abundance in general. The same bull that dream. Lucky: bull or cow.

Stutter - Is spirit decided. Children gaguejando: has a good future. Other people gaguejando: new interests. Lucky: rooster.

Cage - Cage with birds: love conquers. Empty: lost affection. Lucky: rooster.

Branch - want to achieve calm. Hang up on a tree branch: You can feel desperate (o). Lucky: monkey.

Chicken (Rooster) - Prosperity. Chicken botando: profits. White chicken: adventure. Black: hassles. A bump in the midst of the chickens: success in
love and good news. I heard him sing: victory. Lucky: rooster.

Winning - In general, indicates recovery of money or prestige. Lucky: horse.

Goose - You are surrounded (the) people of pretentious. Lucky: turkey.

Garage - New directions in life. Empty: be attentive to the betrayal love. Full of cars: health and money. Lucky: peacock.

Fork - rise in life or have big wins by chance. This dream can mean problems in sexual life. Lucky: cat.

Throat - throat problems: financial gain. Cut his throat: other people will obstacles in his life. Lucky: rooster.

Bottle - Full: success in small business. Empty: You can spend money unnecessarily. Bottle departure: discussion. Lucky: turkey.

Cats - Cats warn us that we are close to practicing or is preparing a betrayal. White Cat: quick fortune. Black: accident. Auburn: revenge. Lucky:

Drawer - Open: good season for the crush. Open one: happiness. Unable to open her: difficulties ahead. Lucky: rabbit.

Hawk - Problems with rivals. Lucky: eagle.

Ice - Eating ice: loving disappointment. Walking on the ice: hassles passengers. In general, indicates bad phase. Lucky: bear.

Twins - Check them: prosperity. Give birth twin sons: great wealth ensured. Lucky: eagle.

People - Happy: will be respected (this). Dressed in white: lose friendship. Dressed in black: unhappiness in his life. Lucky: donkey.

Giant - See it: progress, fortune. Being a giant: over-confidence or position than (the) awaits. Lucky: elephant.

Giraffe - Businesses are going to work. Lucky: elephant.

Sunflower - unrequited love. Toward the sun: concerns. Colhêlo: need more calm. Lucky: butterfly.

Guava - Loss of power and authority. Lucky: horse.

Gram - Prosperity in business. High: disease. Trim it: long life. Lucky: goat.

Grains - Abundance. Sowing means that if you work for the future. If the seed does not germinate: their hopes hardly be held. Lucky:

Pregnancy - Reveal the fear of pregnancy or ripening of whom dream. Pregnant man: the signal that if a person feels better. Lucky:

Greve - If you're organizing one, should help a needy person. To be (the) leader of a strike: it may be stolen (the). Lucky: mutton.

Cricket - Joy in the home and marital happiness. Lucky: deer.

Scream - I heard it: pass a difficult situation. And not wanting to scream: heartbreak. Request assistance: dear person in danger. Luck: tigre.

Umbrella - You need to be more independent. Losing one: important discovery. Find: care with financial losses. Lucky: alligator.

Harem - You like luxury. Living in a harem: the truth will appear. Lucky: dog.

Bleeding - It is a good dream. Is related to an important event in his life soon. Lucky: snake.

Inheritance - Get it: disappointment, defense, problems with relatives. Be disinherited (o): profits will be surprising. Lucky: cat.

Hero - Changes in life. Be a hero: happiness is assured. Lucky: deer.

Anthems - Cantar anthems: your plans will succeed. Listening: good news for business. Lucky: elephant.

Hysteria - Being hysterical (the) mind active. Children with hysteria: was not intimidated. Lucky: cow.

Man - A woman who dreams of man: temptation and unsatisfied desire. Man who dreams of man: you understand yourself. This dream
can also indicate repressed homosexuality. Lucky: lion.

Homicide - Kill someone: break relations so violent. Luck: tigre.

Homosexual - Recovery of money lost. Talk or have contact with a: control their sexual impulses and passions. Lucky: monkey.

Hours - The hours ticked to be saved, because you certainly will be important. Lucky: bet on the numbers marked time on the clock.

Horta - Someone tries to harm you, but will have no success. Lucky: rabbit.

Spearmint - ardent love, sensuality. Lucky: cow.

Hydrangea - This is the flower of good purposes, the slow, but full implementation. Prevents demean anyone else. Lucky. peacock.

Hospice - See a hospice outside: sentimental complications. Being in a university hospital: disorder in life. Exit of a hospice: difficulties
overcome. Lucky: dog.

Hospital - visit him: concern with regard to health from loved. Being in hospital can mean swift change of life, sometimes with suffering.
Lucky: snake.

Host - a Eating: transactions with documents. Receive a host of a priest: joy. Lucky: snake.

Hotel - Being in a hotel: completion of lucrative business. Exit uni: turnaround in life. See it on the outside: good news. To be (the) owner (that) of
a: treason. Lucky: eagle.

Humor - Being a good mood: disagreements and unhappiness. Testily: falsehoods. other people with bad mood: prosperity in business. Lucky:

Yacht - It can mean good luck. Being in one: their own achievements. Late stuck: concerns in the business. Lucky: alligator.
Age If you're worried (o) with their age, may mean problems with diseases.
Lucky: ostrich.

Idol - Check it: travel fascinating and unforgettable. Talk: obsession. Can not touch it: forbidden love. Lucky: snake.
Ignorance - be ignorant: efforts will be rewarded. Ignorant people: improvement of a disease. Lucky: donkey.

Church - Join a church: good deals. Exit: losses in business. See a church: wait luck in the games. Lucky: ostrich.

Island - Walk through an island: loss of independence, but great tranquility. Being on an island with storms: inability to perform
their wishes. Who dreams of island may be wanting to escape from problems. Lucky: alligator.

Image - See a picture: love match. See her fall: disappointments or obstacles. Lucky: mutton.

Impotence - You're a victim of his own imagination. Lucky: goat.

Fire - See it: tragedy of love. In your home: process and financial hassles. Success, if you can put out the fire. This dream often
indicates need for help. Lucky: lion.

Incense - received much praise. Lucky: monkey.

Swell - have swollen (the): bad news. Other people may mean riches swollen or bad omen. Lucky: donkey.

Indium - Fact or unexpected friendship to (the) surprise in the coming days. Lucky: eagle.

Indigent - A person very poor means good luck and happiness. Many people together: poverty. Lucky: cat.

Unhappiness - it is unfortunate: receive a visit from authority: Friends unhappy: will cheat (o). Other people unhappy: a letter you will
good news. Lucky: dog.

Hell - sights the hell: disappointments. Being in Hell: luck in the game for 3 days. Lucky: snake.

Infidelity - Sometimes, it is warning of obstacles in love life. Lucky: snake.

Misfortune - Lucky in business. Other people suffering misfortune: difficulties. Lucky: snake.

Enemy - barriers in business. Lucky: rooster.

Innocent - be innocent: you can be passionate (o). Do not be innocent: can post important and successful. Lucky: alligator.

Insects - Lutará against people that (the) disturbing. Lucky: eagle.

Instruments - Musical: find people very important. Cutting: be careful (this) to use them. If they are objects that offer no danger, is
acknowledgment of receipt of interesting proposal. Lucky: rooster.

Insult - being insulted (the): sadness. insulting someone: friendships dangerous. Lucky: lion.

Flood - a witness: change of domicile. If water is dirty or dark, is a sign of trouble, the opposite is prosperity. Lucky: alligator.

Sister (the) - Protection and support of person very close. Lucky: elephant.

Alligator - Beware of snake maneuvers. Lucky: alligator.

Windows - You have the sympathy of young person. Lucky: cat

Dinner - may appear difficult. Receiving friends for dinner: victory over the enemies. Lucky: bear.

Garden-Walk through a garden indicates pregnancy for married women. The state of the garden (beautiful, ugly, sloppy) is directly related to your life
inside. See also Flores. Lucky: peacock.

Jasmine - A girl dreaming of this flower: You may receive proposal of marriage. A bouquet of jasmine: good friendships. Lucky: butterfly.

Boar - a hunting: their efforts will not result. Being persecuted (the): separation loving. Killing one: economic improvement. Lucky: pig.

Jesus Christ - Being next to him: You are inspired (the). Being blessed (the) by him: sign of prosperity. Talking to him: wait joys. If the dream is of threats,
persecution, is a sign of embarrassment and problems soon. Lucky: mutton.

Bunion - If you're hurting is a sign of return of someone who is traveling for a long time. Lucky: goat.

Games - games of chance: windfall profits. Table-tennis, chess and queen: intelligence. Games of court: union as a family. Football: health. games
Letters: losses. Domino: intrigue. Lucky: goat.

Jewelry - I lost them: the new and enjoyable. Of gold: ambition and hassles. Of silver: is the victim of his imagination. In general,
This dream shows that you care much for the appearances. Lucky: peacock.

Newspapers - Reading a newspaper: next trip. See another person reading the newspaper or see only: difficulties overcome. Buy a newspaper: Obstacles in
business. Lucky: deer.

Young - If you are old (the) dreams and that is young: good news. This dream can mean that your happiness did not last long. Lucky: rabbit.

Judge - See a judge: hassles. If he is sentencing: delay of life. Lucky: camel.
Trial - Watch: disease. Participate: Your presence is feared. If the trial is fair: sign of success. If it is unfair: it will be the target of sieves.
Lucky: camel.

Donkey - Women faladeira lover, and that will tell you hard truths. Lucky: horse.

Oath - Add a: conquer positions. Other people doing uni oath: You can receive bad news friend of (the). Lucky: pig.

Interest - pay them: receive bad news. Receive them: You may have misfortunes. Lucky: ostrich

Wool - It's usually a sign of unity and affection. Woolen clothes: merit will be recognized. Lucky: mutton.

Lips - Thin: shame. Bold: unhappiness. If their lips, can have unexpected entry of money. Lucky: peacock.

Thief - insecurity, fear of losing something like employment, friendship, love or money. Lucky: cat.

Lizard - Thoughts negative and uncertainties. Lizards: disillusionment. Lucky: alligator.

Lake - Clear: failure. Dirty: Problems in business. If you're fishing in a lake, means improvement in their financial situation and loving.
Lucky: cow.

Tears - Will win oppositions. Lucky: mutton.

Lama - Beware of slander. May experience difficulties. Lucky: pig.

Lament - Despite a bad one, represents joy. If other people are regretting it, you receive good news. Lucky: butterfly.

Lamp - lit: peace of mind and clarification of something obscure. Deleted: ingratitude. Luck: tigre.

Pencil - Good influences. Point it: living standard. Lucky: elephant.

Orange - Weddings, something related to sex. Orange tree laden with fruit: marriage to someone very wealthy. Lucky: eagle.

Laia - an Open: Problems with rival. play it: misfortunes. Many cans: good news. Lucky: ostrich.

Barking - Stay vigilant. Listening barking: good advice. If the dog barking as you would bite them (the) moral hassles. Lucky: ostrich.

Wash - The face: new loves the way. Hands: improvement of economic position. The body: next trip. The house: change soon. The clothes:
decision to take strong and waives some passion. Wash someone: good news. See if someone washing: news with friends. Lucky: alligator.

Leon - Protection of someone powerful. Great strength in all situations. Lucky: lion.

Vegetables - All work and little reward. Pick them: despreocupações financial. Eat them: damage. Lucky: eagle.

Milk - Generally, this means fertility and fulfillment of wishes. Lucky: goat.

Lemon - take advantage of the truths that hear. Lucky: eagle.

Lily - If at the station, happiness, beyond, may lose their hopes. Plant them: marriage soon. Lucky: deer.

Books - Winning a book: next engagement or marriage. Offer it to someone: disappointment in love. Read a book: discussions. Lucky: goat.

Garbage - Amizades strange. throw out the trash: improvement of a disease. Lucky: pig.

Lobo - Relations with people of bad faith. To happen is a hard struggle. Lucky: dog.

Lottery - If you won the lottery: windfall profits and wins. If no bet and won: losses and disappointments. Lucky: bet on numbers, or tickets
games of your dream.

Crazy - crazy See: joys passengers. Dream that was crazy (the): mental fatigue. For (the) patient this dream advertise restoration of health.
Lucky: dog.

Honeymoon - Rapid changes in his personal life. Friends in moon-Demel: disappointments. Lucky: peacock.

Light - Entry of money. See also Lamp. Luck: tigre

Monkey - Beware of enmities. Chattering monkeys: you'll be flattered (o). Monkeys climbing on something: the enemies will cause your
ruin. Lucky: monkey.

Apples - Great income and good life. Happiness in love. Lucky: peacock.

Hurt - is emotional grief. Beware of enemies. Lucky: dog.

Madras - meet people powerful and influential. Lucky: cow.

Godmother - can be resolved issue of judicial review. Lucky: mutton.

Mom - Smiling: desires met. Angry or crying: heartbreak, a signal that is doing something wrong. You see her dying or dead: rehabilitation of health.
Dreaming a lot from her mother: insecurity. Little: good relations with her. Lucky: butterfly.

Magic - News unexpected. His life may experience great changes. Lucky: cat.

Magic - Being a magician: disappointments. Lucky: alligator.

Magro - Being lean (the): enjoy large incomes. Making arrangements: unexpected wealth soon. Lucky: rabbit.

Mala - Charging only a suitcase: debt. Charging different: betrayal of friends. Lucky: pig.

Mango - Ripe: travel. Green: news. Spoiled: caution with intrigue. Lucky: ostrich.

Mansion - Owning a mansion: pleasure of short duration. See a mansion far: improvement. Have several mansions: will be annoyed (o). Lucky: elephant.

Hand - large hands: it will be a (a) great lover. Small hand: infidelity. Burn your hand: loss of jobs. Lucky: lion.

Machine - If the machines function normally: useful and rewarding work. If malfunction or break: obstacles in their business. If
an accident occurs: misfortune. Machine stops: sign of damage. Lucky: horse.

Mar - Wait a romance. Something new is in progress. Lucky: alligator.

Husband - domestic quarrel followed by reconciliation. Lucky: deer.

Navy - Giving low in Navy: honor. Married man, dreaming that is in the navy: a
his wife to (the) fool. Luck: tigre.

Mask - From carnival: intrigue. From beauty: vanity. From toy or hero: secrets. Lucky: donkey.

Massage - carry life enjoyable. Doing massage in public place: their efforts will be rewarded. Lucky: rooster.

Doctor - long and happy life. The visit of a doctor is always unexpected input signal to a lot of money. Lucky: lion.

Measure - Large gains commercial and financial resources abundant. Measuring clothes: careful of the enemy. Lucky: snake.

Fear - Watch in business and friendships. Lucky: goat.

Socks - From silk: deprivation. Cotton: fortune. Half piercing: spend money unnecessarily. Black: temptation. Blue: vanity good. White:
arrival of baby. Lucky: butterfly.

Mel - Lucky in business, prosperity. Lucky: ostrich.

Melon - futile. Buy melons: impensadas expenses. Eat it: pleasure misleading, can succeed in friendship, but business will have adversity.
Lucky: donkey.

Beggar - a View: family estrangement. Giving alms to him: luck in the game. Be a beggar: turnaround in life. Luck: tigre.

Girl (the) - Bonita (o) and healthy: happiness, success. Patient: disappointment, intimate problems. Dreaming that it is boy or girl: You está'em conflict,
wanting to start over. Lucky: peacock.

Mesa - a View: great joy, a Sit: afflictions. Lucky: alligator.

Gossip - Being the subject of Gossip: pleasant surprises are reserved. Gossip about other people do: hold high ambitions. Lucky:

Miracle - unexpected events will bother you. Believe in miracles: restoration of an illness. Lucky: camel.

Military - You see it (s): Loving disappointments. Being in a military dream without being in reality: difficulties because of love of intrigue. Lucky: lion.

Millionaire (the) - Take a listen to advice friend. Do not allow people to (the) tapeiem. Lucky. cow.

Earthworm - Enemies are trying to harm you. Have worms in the body: It is rich (a). A land full of earthworms: can borrow disease
contagious. Lucky: snake.

Currency - Gold: increase in assets. Silver: difficulties in enriching. Lucky: eagle.

Monster - always has a relationship with fear, anxiety, trauma and usually indicates trouble. Lucky: monkey.

Mountain - Climbing a mountain is a sign of success. Down: Watch out for business or money. The mountain can also indicate difficulties in
win. Lucky: rabbit.

Housing - His own house: false statements are being made about them. Being a house extraneous: if you think your life upside down. Lucky:

Strawberries - lasting Friendship. Lucky: goat.

Bats - Beware of people who want to make very friendly. Lucky: pig.

Strawberries - lasting Friendship. Lucky: goat.

Bats - Beware of people who want to make very friendly. Lucky: pig.

Bite - a bite: it is about to suffer an injury. Biting someone else: It embarrassed (o). Being bitten by women: a person ciumenta
is right next to you. Lucky: dog.

Death - See someone already dead die: win question or challenge. View is dead: wealth. See a death: health. The dream can mean death with
that he wants to finally finish something. Lucky: turkey.

Fly - be minced (a): the revenge invidious person. Kill them: victories. In general, is a sign of nervousness, anxiety. Lucky: ostrich.

Driver - Driving a car next trip. If you drive the normal way, certainly is an orderly and methodical person. If so directed
different and strange, someone is adventurous or undisciplined. Lucky: elephant.

Change - From city: news. Employment: profits. Home travel enjoyable. Lucky: cat.

Women - Known: news. Unknown: hope. Pregnant: abundance. If she (the) like: wait happy days. Ugly or querulous:
lies. Lucky: rooster.

Wall - barriers, boredom.,, Financial or desire to protect itself. Lucky: camel.

Music - Listen to music: big,, pleasures in life. Think of music estrangement. Lucky: rooster.

Swimming - in clean water: If successful the water is dirty: i overcome difficulties. Lucky: snake.
Buttocks - Your own buttocks: the chance to (the) expected. The buttocks of one man: good deals are to come. The buttocks of a woman: happiness and
love. Lucky: elephant.

Girlfriend (the) - Being in your company: you live day of intense affection. You treat her (the): intimate discussions. Lucky: ostrich.

Nose - Your own nose: poverty. Have beautiful nose: good character and confidence in itself. Lucky: bear.
Birth - When is not related to the desire or fear of birth, this dream for women indicates a new attitude in the face of life.
For a man, plans will take place. Lucky: pig.

Christmas - Go to church on Christmas Day: receive the blessings of God. The Christmas: has great happiness in the family. Lucky: mutton.

Ship - or if you receive news reconnect with estimated person. Shipwreck: the events are against you, do not insist if the fight is
uneven. Lucky: butterfly.

Fog - Money coming. Being involved in fog: unhappiness uncle home. Lucky: peacock.

Business-Illegal: misfortunes. Legal: luck. The successful: inheritance. Losers: obstacles. Indecision: concerns. Lucky: butterfly.

Black - His appearance is very beautiful, but her life is full of inner conflicts. Lucky: snake.

Snow - Good harvest. Skiing: everything will come out well. Lucky: goat.

Nest - Meeting of women. Nest of reptiles: snake at his side. Bird: great prosperity. Lucky: deer.

Nobility - Being a noble: disease. Obstacles in business. Financial difficulties. Lucky: bear.

Night - Very dark: sadness. Clear and starry: improvement of situation. The dream night with shows that their plans are dangerous. Lucky: cat.

Engagements - may suffer disappointments. Marriage undone: to become emotional grief. Lucky: dog.

Name - Write it: wait for reconciliations. To pronounce it: be careful (that) of their pianos. I heard it: be prepared for some surprises
interesting. Lucky: turkey.

News - Peace family and luck in the game. Lucky: horse.

Novel - take cognizance of marriage of a relative. Wrote one: unhappiness. Lucky:

Nudity - You have very secret desires and intimate. Lucky: alligator.

Numbers - Numbers pairs: Avoid impensadas decisions. odd: increased luck. Lucky:
monitor them for three days.

Honeymoon - happy days ahead. You will have many advantages, overcoming the difficulties. Lucky: deer.

Clouds - clouds clear: new passion; dark: financial difficulties. Verse in the midst of clouds: unexpected news. Lucky: cow.

Object - ups and downs at work. Object old: has long life. Lucky: ostrich.

Glasses - in general, shows kindness. Losing your glasses: infidelity. Winning a pair of glasses: misconduct against yourself (this). Lucky: cat.

Hate - hate the other: not acting unfairly. Odiada be (the): will have new friends. Lucky: rabbit.

Offense - Receiving an offense: good times are on the way. Offend somebody: Watch out for enemies. Lucky: alligator.

Workshop - See her in full activity: inheritance, work rewarded. You see her empty or stop: losses, obstacles. Lucky: monkey.

Eyes - Losing one: danger. See someone with more than two eyes: victory over their enemies. Blue: triumphs in love. Greens: hopes dashed. Ashes:
infidelity. Black: passionate love. Brown: intrigue. Lucky: goat.

Shoulder - See shoulder to dream always is a sign of fortune and good news. Lucky: butterfly.

Ounce - Improvement of economic position. Being attacked (the): care with brave people. Mansa: marriage or engagement next. Luck: tigre.

Waves - Strengths: positive changes in your life. Weak: care with adventures of love or risky business. Lucky: alligator.

Bus - Success passenger or desire to change his life. Lucky: horse.

Operation - If you're submitting to an operation: success in their plans. Do you own (the) union operation run: wealth. Lucky: elephant.

Prayer - Be praying: achieve long-cherished wish. See someone praying: reconciliations. Priest praying: bad news from distant person.
Lucky: ostrich.

Order - Receiving an order: care with false friendships. Giving unite order: professional recognition. Lucky: peacock.

Ear - You receive news from abroad. Losing ear is a sign of trouble with some friends. Lucky: donkey.

Body - a View: protection. Being orphaned: disruption or unexpected emergency. Adopt a: service well rewarded. Lucky: eagle.

Pride - Pride of itself (the): You ignore the others. Other people with pride: persecution. Lucky: bear.

Orchestra - Be regent: happiness in the family. See a: fortune. Luck: tigre.

Orchid - Business with personal rich and proud. Lucky: peacock.

Bones - human or animal carcass: false illusions. In general, means to hurt someone. Gnaw bones: disillusionment. Lucky: rooster.

Oysters - Profits. Lucky: alligator.

Hedgehog - You are right to show that you know to defend themselves. Lucky: butterfly.

Gold - Dream very good, especially if the gold nuggets or appear in bars. Lucky: lion.

Sheep - Your plans will work. Flock of Sheep: ambulance. A shepherd leading sheep: earn much money. Lucky: mutton.

Eggs - Their hopes will take place soon. Lucky: rooster.

Man - a man See: friends will give financial assistance. Use a shovel: Tell your sense for important decisions. Lucky: rabbit.

Bakery - a bakery View: prosperity. Being in a bakery: have a good year. Lucky: cat.

Stepfather - Try again something that you think is not working out. Lucky: lion.

Father - who is dreaming priest: spiritual elevation. See priest celebrating Mass of the dead: end of friendship or love relationship. Lucky. mutton.

Godfather - Person friend speaks ill of you. Lucky: monkey.

Pay - Pay debt: financial gain. Pay mind that should not: feel guilty (the) per foolish. Lucky: cat.

Pagoda - Being in a pagoda: good news. Many people in the pagoda: changing the city. Lucky: snake.

Dad - If he is smiling or speaking: no matter anything, go ahead. Draft: be cautious. Lucky: horse.

Landscape - A beautiful landscape: happy events. Dark: difficulties and obstacles. Lucky: peacock.

Passion - Being in love (the): prosperity. Another person in love: a few honors. Lucky: butterfly.

Straw - Sign of intimate grief. Bed of straw: their businesses need to be watched closely. Lucky: rooster.

Clowns - See it: you drink (this). Clown: jealousy of friends or loss of friendships. Lucky: monkey.

For - See the Pope: Other people will make you favors. Death of a Pope: wait to realize its plans. Receiving blessing: friend will help you.
Lucky: rabbit.

Parrot - Ouvirá serious revelation. Lucky: eagle.

Paper - From letter: good news. Business: processes. Pintado: change soon. See also colors. Lucky: eagle.

Papoulias - His good temperament attract large number of friends. Receive reports of pretty young (the) but naive (o) and with an instruction
mediocre. Lucky: pig.

Par - see a pair of anything: indecision about plans for marriage; pair of shoes: problems in trade issues. Lucky: alligator.

Paradise - to enjoy great happiness and peace in the future. Lucky: lion.

Parachute - Danger will be averted, thanks to your courage. See him grow up: an unexpected success. Lucky: butterfly.

Wall - Happiness: a rise in: overcome obstacles. Lucky: rooster.

Midwife - Discovery of a secret. Being midwife: enemy seeking its ruin; auxiliary midwives: happiness. Lucky: cat.

From - unfortunate event. Starting with several people: removal of an enemy. Lucky: ostrich.

Childbirth - I witnessed it: good news. Helping give birth: friend help. l) in the light air: hope held soon. Parto happy: end of suffering. Unhappy:
trouble. Lucky: cow.

Passenger - Being a passenger: problems with the family; passengers arriving: good times, passengers departing: the opportunity to acquire
real estate. Lucky: goat.

Birds - see them or hear them: happiness in the family. On freedom: new passion. In the cage or prisoners: heartbreak. Lucky: eagle.

Walk - Walk with a woman, suffering from relationships and love. With man: separation
cause of women. Alone (o): unexpected benefits.
Lucky: butterfly.

Duck - Ouvirá surprising confession about friend (o). Lucky: peacock.

Peacock - pride and vanity, You seek a new path by not settle for the current situation. Lucky: peacock.

Peace - Normally, indicates the opposite: fight. Valentine that make your peace: good results in their interests. Lucky: deer.

Foot-Your own foot: envy or jealousy; broken foot: loss of parent: dirty feet: danger; walk barefoot: unexpected misfortune. Luck: tigre.

Stone - Throw stones: offenses. Receive rocks: injustices. Gem: vanity. Lucky: snake.

Fish - You see them in the water: joys. Catch them: inheritance. Eat them: important discovery. Fish killed: disillusion. Lucky: cat.

Style - Very white: pleasure. Dark: on health care. Yellow: treachery. Lucky: snake.

Penalties - Red: ardent love relationship. Greens: hope. Black: afflictions. Yellow: Watch out for intrigue. White: satisfaction with
money. Gray: delays. Blue: hassles. Lucky: turkey.

Comb - comb someone shows patience. Comb is: will your business right. Lucky: goat.

Hips - Dreaming of hips is a sign he generally pleasant news. Lucky: elephant.

Table - Alone: their relations lose interest. Table cheerful, happy love. Sad: infidelity. Blackboard: financial hassles.
Lucky: horse.

Quarter - A quarter: working with difficulties. Being a soldier: end of problems. Lucky: dog.

Room - Well lit: success and profits. Empty: lack of money. Verse in a room with a woman: intrigue. Lucky: cow

Backyard - a backyard: friend of engagement. Being in a backyard: unwanted friend will come to visit her (o). Lucky: rooster.

Fortnight - Receive payments bimonthly: has much happiness. Pay a fortnightly account: luck in games. Lucky: donkey.

Frog - Advantages. the dream advertise with frog improvement of economic position. Lucky: alligator.

Queen - Being a: loving illusion. Speaking ran a: good luck. Mandar letter to her: danger. Lucky: eagle.

Lightning - A ray of light: disease; ray of sunshine: victory over enemies. Lucky: snake.

Rabies - Being angry: Avoid the rivals; rage with love: major events. Lucky: mutton.

Root - reached a difficult position and I know dislodge it (this). Lucky: elephant.

Hatred - Food hatred for others; rancor secret from someone: has good friends; resentment between spouses or boyfriends: separation. Lucky: lion.

Fox - enemy or rival this among his friends. Kill fox: win difficulties. Lucky: bear.

Kidnapping - Fear that you go ahead. Lucky: snake.

Rip - Clothing: repentance paper or document: dissatisfaction with their current situation. Lucky: deer.

Mouse - Parente greedy accumulate wealth for you. Kill him: financial success. Lucky: cat.
Recipe (medical) - Have a recipe: emerge from its current state of ill health. Request to unite medical prescription: happiness. Doctor who fills a
Revenue: news. Lucky: monkey.
Reconciliation - Will that happen: careful not to be mistaken (the) again. Lucky: rooster.

Regain - Money lost: prosperity. Former love: d news. Lucky: alligator.

Lightning - Threat (te threat to powerful people. Always good sign for those not directly in power. Clarifications on sudden
something mysterious. Lucky: deer.

Religion - Believing in a religion: disagreements in the family. Other religious people: problems with property. Being a religious person: happiness.
Lucky: bull.

Clock - Notice of commitments made or fear that life is moving too quickly. Lucky: Follow the numbers marked on the clock.

Remedy - take it: restoration of someone who was sick. Give it to someone: get valuable help. Lucky: rabbit.

Rowing - A rowing: adventures. Hold oars: disappointment in love. In small rowing boat: good trade. In l) arc large: gains
Financial. Redeem myself (the): vigorous mind. Lucky: butterfly

Reptiles - In general, cunning, betrayal, slander, persecution. Lucky: cow.
Resurrection - The Resurrection: travel to religious places. Being at the site of the resurrection: happiness in religious activities. Lucky: peacock.
Guns - Notice of caution in friendships. Lucky: cat.

Rio - Transhipment: may be a victim of its own passions. Being dragged (the) by the currents: love problems. The river may represent a
barrier and a bridge shows how you can beat him. Lucky: alligator.
Wealth - Has great success in business. Lucky: horse.

Laugh - Your health is becoming better. Lucky: horse.

Rival - Defeating a rival: success in business. Be defeated (the): shame, sadness. Lucky: snake.

Roses - Joy in all directions. Lucky: butterfly

Theft - Steal: sincerity. Be stolen (the) damage. Lucky: cat.

Clothing - New: his reputation is very good. Tight, torn or soiled: will be disappointments. Lucky: mutton.

Street - Look deserted her: in abuses of health risks. Full of people: success in business. With great movement of vehicles: unexpected trip.
Lucky: eagle.

Soap - Its failure will forgive her. Wash with soap: success in business difficult. Soap bubbles: passing disappointment. Lucky: pig.

Wise - Problems in business. Consult it: wisdom. Receiving advice from person wise: Watch out for bad people. Lucky: rabbit.

Priest - You may receive an inheritance. Confess to a priest: careful with people, talk one: achieve a prominent position Lucky: pig.

Salt - will be received (the) amicably. Salt is a sign of health, energy and vitality. Lucky: cow.

Salad - With willpower of life can improve. Eat it: lucky. Lucky: butterfly.

Salary - Get it: joy. Pay for it: a lot of work. Lucky: goat

Blood - The dream always announces important and positive changes in our lives. Lucky: donkey.

Holy - Think better in its decisions on love and relationships. Lucky: goat.

Shoes - tight or broken: Financial difficulties. Pants them: finding of great love. Shoes in good condition: happy hidden desire.
Lucky: cow.

Frog - Fear of people or events harmless. Lucky: snake.

Measles - Concern about the business. Lucky: mutton.

Saudade - Reconciliations shortly. Lucky: camel.

Breasts - Volume: unselfish love. Child breastfeeding: with health care. Women who dream that has more than two breasts: know your instincts
sex. Lucky: cow.

Seeds - Plans for the wedding. Plant them: Fortune or pain. Lucky: donkey.

Separation - This dream has meant not, indicating narrowing of relationships and family harmony. Lucky: snake.

Sex - Maintain relationship with someone that their conscience disapproves: you have sexual fantasies and impulses merely strong. With spouse or loved one:
moderate their thoughts and imagination; dream that belongs to another gender (male / female): will meet with a person of the opposite sex. Lucky. snake.

Sino - I heard it: estrangement in the family. If more than tini bell ringing, you may receive good news soon. Lucky: bull.

Sun - Strong, beautiful: everything will work. Overcast: obstacle in their plans. Lucky: lion.

Soldier - lack discipline in your life or you fear something harmless. Lucky: horse.

Shadow - Threats or bad news. Lucky: mutton.

Umbrella - Open: prosperity. Opening the umbrella inside the house: love problems.
Lucky: lion.

Dreaming - Dreaming that you are dreaming indicates that the meaning of dreams (light be taken in
the opposite direction. Take an element of the dream, see your
meaning and invert, and understand it the opposite of their meaning. Lucky: butterfly.

Sweat - Strive to get what they want. Smell of sweat: dubious friends. Lucky: alligator.

Up - Business and favorable progress. Lucky: cat.

Suffocate - Dreaming being suffocated (the) moral or health problems. Suffocating someone: triumph over rival. Lucky: bear.

Suicide - Will to abandon old habits or something again. Lucky: ostrich.

Fright - Take a fright: victories. Scare anyone: traveling unexpected. Lucky: lion.

Boards - Sierra them: problems. With good news. Sell them: You can miss a few points. Lucky: peacock.

Talisman - Solution of mystery. A woman dreaming of a talisman: danger around, but a man, can be tricked by a friend. luck. cat.

Tamara - It Ias or eat them: nice job with loving woman. Lump of date that turns into palm: you have a son who will be
famous. Lucky: mutton.

Tangerine - Profits. Buy: loving disappointment. Suck: care with you and your health. Lucky: horse.

Carpet - Welfare. In the future, become the property of your dreams. Luck: tigre.

Turtle - In the land: do not rush so much. In the water: be more cautious. Lucky: snake.

Tattoo - Envy and jealousy around you. Lucky: butterfly.

Taxi - Disillusionment followed by victory. Lucky: camel.

Theater - Your interests will be rewarded. Being alone (the) in a theater: new friendships. Lucky: rooster.

Phone - Talking on the phone with someone: news of this person. See a phone: it will be harassed (the) but can get by. Lucky: camel.

Telegram - important letter or document will bore them (the) very Lucky: dog.

Television - Appear on TV want done. See friend or relative: news. Watch, watch TV broken or defective: wait news
pleasant. Lucky: bull.

Roof - a Cairn: negative speculation. Up for it: Watch out for risky investments. Passeai a roof: financial sweet triumph.
Lucky: bull.

Spice - If you're ready, you like to eat well. Putting it in food: joys. Lucky: rooster.

Storm - Calm down: that love reborn. In general announces change of situation. Lucky: alligator.

Temple - enter one: it is good you have discretion. Lucky: eagle.

Earth - filled with flowers: happiness in various sectors of life. Poor and desolate: difficulties. Kiss the ground: humiliation. Plowing the land: you
needs support. Earthquake: see the earth shaking is a sign of positive changes Lucky: rooster.

Scissors - Discussions love, attacking someone with scissors: disruption. The scissors may indicate desire or need to cut some things. Lucky:

Treasury - I found it: disease. In general, is a sign that you know your own value. Lucky: dog.

Testament - You: health and long alley. From someone else: profits and moments of happiness. Lucky: eagle.

Test - If you're testing your ability you will find valuable objects that were lost. Lucky: ostrich.

Witness - Do you have bad friends. Be witness in court: it will be accused (the) unfairly. Lucky: butterfly.

Tigre - Enemy jealous and cruel. A tiger in freedom: you in danger. This dream is a reminder for you not to let their dominance by strong
impulses. Luck: tigre.

Ink - serious misconduct. It is also a warning that you must resolve remaining issue. The red ink is a declaration of love. Lucky peacock.

Shots - I heard them: misunderstandings. Taking shots: improvements in life. Shoot someone: problems. Lucky: deer.

Taurus - blind love. Signal power to the man and insatiable desire for women. Lucky. bull.

Work - You're spirit (this). Lucky: donkey.

Treason - Insecurity. Betrayal of friend: surprises. Of love: obstacles. Lucky: snake.

Train - It's always a sign of something new in life: travel, business, separation. Lucky: horse.

Wheat - wealth and abundance, success in business. Giving wheat: earn money through the help of another person. Lucky: cow.

Thunder - signal event in his life in the coming days. Lucky: donkey.

Sialkot - The message of meaning changes according to what happened between you and the shark in your dream. When the shark wins after a
fight, you need luck on their projects. But if you lose, the damage will be great in real life. Lucky: alligator and snake.

Tumor - may be a sign of health problems, but not necessarily linked to infections and tumors. It may also be financial difficulty. Lucky

Tomb - His own tomb: obstacles. From someone else: marriage next. From family: inheritance. Being on top of one: unhappy marriage.
Lucky: mutton.

Howl - Puppy uivando: bad news. People uivando: a lot of work ahead of us. Lucky: dog.

Overcoming - Happiness. If you are outdated (the): care with the tab. Lucky: peacock.

Navel - Trying to discover the secret at all costs to anyone. Lucky: cow.

Nails - Shopping: sign of financial losses. Short: honest work. Cut them: problems and discussions. Enamel them: secrets. Dirty: gossip.
Cleaning them: victories. Isolated: disillusionment. Lucky: camel.

Uniform - You will be valued (the) if you are wearing the uniform. See someone standard: good luck. Lucky: donkey.

University - Improve in the studies. Frequently it: you have talent. Lucky: mutton.

Urine - Being urine: end of difficulties. See someone: win big obstacle. In psychoanalytical interpretation, relief may be needed
physical or sexual. Popularly, you hear people say that being urine has irritation in the bladder neck. Lucky: dog.

Urn - If you are empty: face struggles; taken up victories. For women, is a sign of financial difficulty. Lucky: rooster.

Bear - Enemy powerful, could head inexpert. Kill him: big wins. Lucky: bear.

Vulture - Flying: misfortune. Landing: you're indecisive (this). With bright colors: a happy event in your life will give new impetus to you. Too
can mean scavenging or purification by the characteristics of this bird. Lucky: eagle.

Grapes - Look-IAS: pleasure, joy. Eat them or crush them: pleasure in love. White: innocence. Greens: setbacks passengers. Black: censorship.
Lucky: peacock.

Cow - White: wealth. Black: treason. A milking: abundance and opportunities. Owning one: money. Various: wealth. In general it is a sign that
we need protection. Lucky: cow or bull.

Vaccine - be vaccinated (the): caring for those who do not deserve your attention. Vaccinate: Watch out for hidden enemies. Lucky: camel.

Bum - a View: someone tries to trick them (o). Being bum: try to win impaired person. Lucky: dog.

Firefly - a View: You have a friend and very nice fiei. Many insects bright: you will achieve a great gesture of kindness. Wave -
lumes in darkness: Later, you will pay (a), () then you will receive a cash than expected. Lucky: dog.

Valley - a valley: on health care. Relatives in a valley: do not try to do too much. Being in a valley with the children, receive unexpectedly
money belonging to him. Animals in a valley: riches. Through a green valley: the desire contentment. A valley with nothing: dissatisfaction and need. Lucky: rabbit.

Waltz - If you're dancing a waltz, happiness is right next to you. I heard her: sign of abundance. Lucky: rabbit.

Vampire - discovering secret material. Lucky: monkey.

Steam - Discussions and misfortunes. Lucky: rooster.

Vara - If you are in your hand: unhappiness. Hit someone with urn: domain of a woman. Lucky: bear.

Broom - Beware of falling commercial, financial or prestige. Women dream of broom: be more careful. Sweeping the house is always a good sign
in the dream. Lucky: rabbit.

Blank - If your home that is empty: problems. Lucky: turkey.

Deer - Relations with loving person compromised. Hunting it: estrangement. Being persecuted (the): try to trick them (o). Lucky: deer.

Vein - concerns. Swollen: joys. Take the blood veins: great love. Lucky: snake.

Sailing - may be the victim of very old ideas. Lit: new suit will improve your site. Lucky: horse.

Old (o) - Joy, good luck and satisfaction of desire. Lucky: turkey.

Wake - If someone known for: care with treason. Unknown: good news. Watch at your own wake: luck in the game for 3 days.
Lucky: rabbit.

Velvet - Faina and fortune. Buy velvet: you'll be careful (this). Sell it: have luck in business. Lucky: ostrich.

Venda - Efforts rewarded. Driving a: very lucky. Go to a sale: prosperity. Lucky: peacock.

Venom - take it: health. Give it to someone: is victim of slander. Venom is also a sign of obstacles. Lucky: cat.

Wind - Rapid changes in his life. Lucky: peacock.

Dress - If you look at their concerns with money eventually. Simple: joy in loving relationships. Buy one: health and happiness. Lucky.

Veil - White: marriage next. Black: misfortune. Lucky: turkey.

Viaduct - The viaduct in the dream is always an obstacle in real life. If the cross: triumphs and solutions. If unable to pass through: a Win
lengthy and difficult. Lucky: monkey.

Travel - Big changes in their lives for the better. Lucky: elephant.

Glass - clear, clean and transparent: find support in their projects. Dark, dirty or ugly: try to decide without help from anyone. Broken:
obstacles in the coming days. Lucky: rabbit.

Wine - Sign of health and long life. Lucky: mutton.

Violence - violence committed by others: part of the festival with friends. Do you own (the) commit violence: better days ahead. To be
attacked (the) with violence: joy. Spouse showing violence: infidelity. Lucky: pig.

Neighbors - Joy and news from distant friends. Lucky: dog.

Fly - Are you dreaming (a) or too overly ambitious (a). Lucky: eagle.

Voices - Listening to voices of the dead: care with plots against you. Lucky: eagle.

Volcano - Event dangerous. Beware of things that explode. Luck: tigre.

Chess - play: difficulties. Winning a match: windfall profits. Losing: difficulties. Lucky: bull.

Shampoo - Buy: his passions will not last long. Use: success in their social relationships. See your head full of shampoo: his passions are
finally matched. Lucky. rabbit.

Shawl - Use one: luck in love. Giving a shawl as a gift to someone: affection of love. A shawl may indicate that a person can hurt you.
Lucky: alligator.

Syrup - take it: restoring the person suffers. Giving someone the syrup: get help. Lucky: rabbit.

Cup-Empty: losses. Full of coffee: nervousness. With tea: travel fun. New: pregnancy or marriage next. Old or broken:
family discussions. Lucky: cat.

Cuss - Caution in business. Be scolding (the): setbacks. Lucky: cow.

Zebra - travel far to the outside. Lucky: donkey.

Zero - A zero: suffer little cheating. Doubles: is betrayed (the) for a friendship. Three zeros: have great wealth. When the time comes zero: success
in all their ventures. Lucky: alligator.

Zigzag - to walk in zigzag You may lose my mind. Make zigzag with a horse there will be changes in the business. Do
zigzag with a car: you change the mood easy. Children in: good days ahead. Lucky: dog and cat.

Zodiac - Dreaming of the signs of the Zodiac: You can earn a good fortune in the future. If you dream of your sign, should win the lottery. Lucky:

Jibe - If you mock: be careful not to cheat (this). Lucky: camel.

Zoo - Making the trip uni zoo: success in love relationships. An abandoned zoo without animals may face problems
Serious as a family. Children walking in a zoo: happiness with new child labor and without major problems. Lucky: monkey and lion.